The Jennifer Hollyer Agency |Toronto, ON
Founded in 1991 by Jennifer Hollyer, The Jennifer Hollyer Agency is one of the premiere film and television literary agencies in Canada.

The agency represents many of the top television and feature writers, story editors, producers and showrunners in the country.
With a philosophy of quality over quantity, The Jennifer Hollyer Agency prides itself on maintaining a close relationship
between agent and writer. The emphasis on personal relationships with clients and the carefully selected roster is what ultimately sets the agency apart.

Their creators and showrunners have and continue to create many of the most
successful hit television series in Canada that sell around the world.
The agency also represents the top writers and creative producers in the animation business
working across all genres including preschool, kids’ comedy and action,
and the rare but coveted adult primetime.


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38 Sousa Mendes Street, Toronto Ontario, M6P 0B3
Tel (416) 928-1425
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